Sandra Ann Lauer

Sandra Ann Lauer professionally known as “Sandra”, is a popular German singer/songwriter, currently living in Ibiza (Spain).
After enjoying some success as lead singer of the disco trio Arabesque, Sandra began performing under her solo name in 1984. She can also be heard on her husband Michael Cretu’s project Enigma. They have two sons (twins), Nikita and Sebastian, born July 6, 1995. Sandra and Michael divorced in November 2007, citing ‘personal and professional differences’.
Other members of her team include Hubert Kemmler (singer and song writer aka Hubert Kah), Markus Löhr, Klaus Hirschburger, Armand Volker, Frank Peterson, Andy Jonas (singer) and Jens Gad (song writer, co-producer)..
Sandra Ann Lauer was born on May 18th, 1962 in the German town of Saarbrücken, close to the French border. Sandra’s father, Robert Lauer is French and her mother, Karin Lauer is German. Sandra also had an older brother, Gaston (who died in 1995), who was paraplegic.
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