Stereophonics – Take me

Single “Take me” by band Stereophonics from album “Graffiti on the train“. Album produced by the group’s lead-singer and guitarist Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe, it was released on 4 March 2013 on their own Stylus Records. It was the first Stereophonics album since Keep Calm and Carry On (2009), marking the first time they had not released a record within two years. It was intended for an October 2012 release date and took nearly two years to complete. This is the last record to feature drummer Javier Weyler, who was officially replaced by Jamie Morrison on 24 September 2012.

Lyrics of “Take Me” song:

The day is dawning in the rainy park
Trees around, some falling down
It’s ok, I don’t mind
You can take your clothes and run

Falling over, spinning round
Orange leaves spread on the ground
Sleep in the day
Swim in the night
Light your fires
It could be tragic, today

Take me
Take me

Bowled me over from the start
Poison arrow through the heart
I’ll undress you
You’ll undress me
The place is dark
No one can see

Lay me down on the grassy ground
Stars aligned for miles around
I don’t know you
You don’t know me
Who’s to know what will be, today?

Take me
Take me
Take me
Take me

The album’s earliest idea spawned when children were running across the singer’s rooftop in order to access the trains and spray paint graffiti on one of them. With 40 unfinished song ideas, the band composed 30 of these to be released as an album trilogy but decided against the idea, instead releasing a follow up (intended to be the second part) on 11 September 2015. Also planned that year is the go-ahead on production for a screenplay of the same name Jones is developing. British film composer David Arnold worked alongside the producers to compose three of the song’s orchestral arrangements; the record is seen as a shift in the group’s musical style as it incorporates cinematic-style music. Recording sessions were primarily performed at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium in order to concentrate more on the record.

In March 2012, Wired Strings went into Stylus Studios to record the strings for “Indian Summer”. “Take Me” features vocals from Jones’ partner, Jakki Healy. Originally just to try out and see what female vocals would sound like accompanying Jones’, Healy’s recorded take remained on the track. “Been Caught Cheating” was recorded in one take. The drum loop featured throughout “In a Moment” was programmed by Lowe. Jones and Lowe began mixing near the end of 2011 into the beginning of 2012. In July that year it was announced that Stereophonics were to collaborate with Tinie Tempah and Labrinth to release two albums, although neither one appeared on Graffiti on the Train. The band had 40 unfinished ideas for the album; nearly 30 of these were recorded and completed. One of the songs that were completed and not included on the album, “Seen That Look Before”, was available for an exclusive listen at Yahoo! Music’s website and as a bonus track in Japan. Two other songs from the recording sessions, “Overland” and “Zoe”, were included in certain deluxe editions of the album. The album has been noted for the band going in a different direction with their music by utilising a cinematic atmosphere.

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